The OilComm Experience

Navigating current market conditions and transforming your operations requires ongoing conversations, and we’re creating an experience to do just that. Connecting with professionals in a physical environment is invaluable in building relationships and through our online experiences, you’ll have the opportunity to continue and expand the conversations, discussions, and learning that culminates at OilComm in October.

What does the OilComm Experience include?

  • OilComm’s Digital Resource Center // When you register, you’ll immediately gain access to new content that starts the conversations that we’ll continue at OilComm’s in-person event. OilComm’s Digital Resource Center gives attendees the opportunity to immediately connect with other oil & gas professionals, hear from experts in the field, and receive access to articles, videos, and case studies built to help you quickly navigate your business through current turmoil.
  • OilComm’s Digital Event // The 20th anniversary of the OilComm Conference & Exposition will digitally take place on October 13-15, 2020. For more information about the Digital Event Platform, click here!

The best part? All of this is included in registration for OilComm!

Oil & gas operators, rig-owners, EPCs, drilling, and maritime/transportation professionals qualify as end-users and get free access to all of the above.

October 13-15, 2020

Digital Event

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