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In Oil and Gas, Innovation is Key to Success

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. If you are reading Oilman Magazine, then you, dear reader, know that the oil and gas industry is facing a major challenge. However, it is not like the industry has not been here before. As we all know very well, the oil industry is cyclical and world events, […]


Covid-19 lessons for oil and gas manufacturers and suppliers

The phrase ‘new normal’ is very popular at the moment. The oil and gas (O&G) sector has had to adapt to many a new normal over the years. ‘Lower for longer’ was meant to be the new normal with prices in the US$60 – 70/bbl range, before they went much lower than that. Now we […]


Charting the Uncharted Waters… How & When Do We Restart Operations Appropriately?

We are in an environment we’ve not seen before, but it’s not going to last forever. In the next year we’ll need to restart E&P operations and climb out of the abyss. Of course, this raises important questions that we need to consider as we put operations schedules together for the big restart, including:   […]

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KVH to Upgrade Networks on BW Group Vessels

BW Group is upgrading 102 vessels to utilize KVH Industries’ mini-VSAT BroadbandSM HTS network for advanced satellite communications as part of a new contract to continue KVH VSAT services for at least five years. The vessel migration is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2020. BW Group, a global maritime company, will equip the […]


Evaluating IP Assets: Practical Considerations for Today’s Oil and Gas Companies

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused global industrial slowdowns and travel restrictions resulting in an unprecedented and rapid decline in the global demand for oil. Coupled with the failure of the OPEC+ producers and Russia to negotiate a production cut in February/March 2020, this rapid decline in demand resulted in an oil supply glut that sent […]


Oil and Gas Companies Embrace Connected Technologies to Improve Asset Performance

SUMMARY: Upstream and midstream oil and gas companies continue to search for new approaches to save money.  As part of their larger digital transformation, many of the larger companies in this space have had good results by embracing Industrial IoT-enabled connected technologies to increase efficiencies and address other challenges. These larger companies typically have huge technical […]


Industry 4.0 is here: Louisiana’s manufacturers are embracing smart facilities, digitization and the Internet of Things

What just years ago seemed like a far-out concept now plays a central role in Louisiana’s manufacturing space. The gathering, manipulation and extrapolation of data via smart facilities, digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT)—aka Industry 4.0—is rapidly gaining a foothold among petrochemical owners. Some plants are taking a leadership role. Last summer, Cornerstone Chemical […]


Close to the Edge: Enabling Remote Connectivity Across US Shale Patch

Remote connectivity provides the foundation for digital innovation in oil and gas, and Infrastructure Networks offers a unified wireless service to help enable it. Oil and gas operators increasingly recognize that data, the vast, nonphysical resource gathered as part of exploration and production, is critical to their success. The growing presence of data analytics firms […]


Connected Energy Webcast Series: Defining the New Normal in Oil & Gas

TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2020 | 12:00 PM CT Description: Is $20 oil a short-term challenge, or a long-term reality? These days, it’s hard to accurately forecast best- and worst-case scenarios. But, it’s even harder to stay productive and efficient if oil and gas industry tech professionals are not prepared to handle a wide range of possibilities. […]

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ABB accelerates remote connectivity for customer operations during COVID-19 crisis

“During the COVID-19 crisis, governments and companies are having to make difficult choices, balancing people’s safety with economic livelihood. ABB is committed to supporting both: protect people, while helping businesses to stay operational during these challenging times,” says Peter Terwiesch, president Industrial Automation, ABB Ltd. (Zurich, Switzerland; “Remote services and digital solutions can make a […]


Astroscale Looks to Oil, Nuclear Industries for End-of-Life Research

Astroscale has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a professor at Northumbria University Newcastle in England to investigate end-of-life standards and practices from industries like oil and nuclear energy. The MOU is with Professor of Space Law and Policy Chris Newman and the first working paper is scheduled to be published later this year. Astroscale said […]


What You Need to Know About Magnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic flow meter technology is an optimal tool for wastewater processing, which can apply across power generating facilities that require water for cooling, steam, or other applications. In recent years the magnetic flow meter has proven a reliable and steady flow meter at water and wastewater facilities, effectively dealing with a variety of challenges posed […]


Inside the data-driven completions of the future

Collapsing oil prices amid the demand-sapping Covid-19 pandemic has aggravated exponentially the economic pressures facing E&P companies, particularly those in the unconventional community. In this wholly unprecedented climate, it is all the more incumbent upon operators to deepen insight into reservoir performance, to enhance production flow within the confines of ever-restricted budgets. Any exercise directed […]


Data management: the key to the future of digitalisation in oil and gas

Oil and gas core business: hydrocarbons or tech? There has been a growing trend for oil and gas companies to re-define their image as technology leaders. Some have always dabbled in this space and have done a pretty good job at it. However developing and deploying tech is really hard to do well. And there’s […]


OilComm’s Show Director, Michael Conti, recently discussed the state of the oil and gas industry on ABC13 Houston

ICYMI: #OilComm‘s Show Director, Michael Conti, was on ABC13 Houston to discuss the state of the #oilandgas industry. We’re optimistic that things will get better by October and will be excited to hear everyone’s unique experience as we learn from one another! “A lot of the industry knew that change was bound to happen,” said Conti. “I think that COVID-19 has […]

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Re-Shaping the Oil & Gas Sector

Trends Shaping the Oil and Gas Industry Over the past few years we’ve seen a drastic drop in oil prices, and an equally drastic shift in oil and gas companies’ business models as a result. This has driven a completely different approach to how the production of oil and gas happens throughout the world. In […]


Seven Ways Blockchain Can Revamp The Oil And Gas Industry

Blockchain, the underlying technology behind the sensational Bitcoin, could profoundly impact the Oil and Gas industry by cutting down on operational time and costs while also introducing more transparency to the industry. The technology recently garnered headlines when a group of seven oil companies, including American giants like ExxonMobil and Chevron, agreed to form the […]


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