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The OilComm Conference & Exposition is the best place to gain industry insights as we accelerate into the digital revolution. If you’re still looking to justify taking time out of the office to attend, we’ve compiled some tools to make your decision easier and to help you join us on October 13-15 at the digital event.

  • Conference Sessions: Highlight the conference sessions you’re most excited about and bring them to management to reinforce the value your attendance will bring to your company.
  • Speaker Line-Up: The OilComm Conference attracts key stakeholders to speak. You will have direct access to these industry experts since information sharing, question-answering sessions, and networking are all vital parts of the OilComm experience
  • Networking Opportunities: Interact with people you don’t have access to on a regular basis. We’re bringing together technology professionals, operators, EPCs, rig owners, drilling contractors, and maritime & land transportation professionals who share your same goals under one roof. Contacts you make through networking can be precious once you return to work and can provide insight into future endeavors at work for years to come.
  • The Complete OilComm Experience: The OilComm Conference & Exposition is taking place this fall, but we’re starting the conversation now!
    • OilComm’s Digital Week // When you register, you’ll immediately gain access to new content that starts the conversations that we’ll continue at OilComm’s in-person event. OilComm’s Digital Resource Center gives attendees the opportunity to immediately connect with other oil & gas professionals, hear from experts in the field, and receive access to articles, videos, and case studies built to help you quickly navigate your business through current turmoil.
    • OilComm’s Digital Event // The 20th anniversary of the OilComm Conference & Exposition will digitally take place on October 13-15, 2020. We’re launching an all-new Digital Event Platform that brings the networking and content right to your fingertips! Available to all OilComm attendees, the Digital Event Platform will allow you to connect with other OilComm attendees, participate in livestreamed sessions, virtually “walk” the show floor, connect with exhibitors and sponsors, and watch on-demand content!

Is there anything else that would help justify your attendance?

Reach out to Tracy Le at tle@accessintel.com or 832-955-2509!

October 13-15, 2020

Digital Event

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