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OilComm has always led the charge when it comes to preparing the oil and gas community for the digital revolution and providing “first-looks” at next-generation technology. In 2020, we’re leaning into our community slogan “Fueling the Digital Revolution” and officially producing OilComm as a digital event.

Given the current environment and hurdles with meeting face-to-face, we’ve spent the last few months talking with the OilComm community so when the time came that we had to convert to a digital event, we were prepared to build an online environment that would best serve the entire community. The content program is built by our Advisory Board to ensure it tackles the challenges and topics most important to oil & gas professionals, and we’re creating an experience that maximizes the connections our sponsors and exhibitors will make.

Here are just a few features of the OilComm Digital Event Platform:

Directly search, view, and chat with OilComm attendees! You can choose to video or text chat through the app, or set a time to meet during OilComm.

Set up your virtual booth and schedule meetings with OilComm attendees that would benefit from your services.

Promote swag and giveaways to attract OilComm attendees to your virtual booth.

Trust in OilComm building the best digital experience for oil and gas professionals like you through networking opportunities, direct messaging capabilities, raffle giveaways, and product demos all within the OilComm event portal!

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Are you a virtual booth staff? CLICK HERE to learn more about the Digital Event Platform.


When will I get access to the OilComm Digital Event Platform?
All attendees will receive an email with login credentials 1 week before the virtual event starts. All sponsors and exhibitors will receive an email with login credentials 2 weeks before the event starts. *Please Note: The email will come from hello@swapcard.com so make sure you add that email address to your whitelist!

Who do I contact if I’m experiencing issues with logging in?
You will receive an email with login instructions 2 weeks before the event starts. If you do not receive this or experience any other login related issues, please contact support@swapcard.com.

What are the virtual Conference & Exposition hours?
All attendees will have access to the Digital Event Platform 1 week before the virtual event starts. You will have the opportunity to connect and schedule meetings with other attendees from Tuesday, October 13 to Friday, October 16 between the hours of 9AM CT to 5PM CT.

How do I edit my profile?
You can edit your personal profile through the upper right-hand corner of your screen (click on My Profile) or on the left side of your screen next to your photo (click on Edit). You’ll also have the ability to edit your visibility to other attendees through the Attendees tab. *Please Note: Your profile information is transferred directly from your OilComm registration. As a result, you will not be able to update certain profile details yourself in the event platform. If you’d like to update any specific details within your profile, please visit the registration desk or email us at info@oilcomm.com.

What time zone is the event in?
The 20th Annual OilComm Conference & Exposition will be published in Central Time (CT).

How do I customize my available meeting times?
You can customize your meeting availability in the “My Schedule” tab. You will have the opportunity to set which time slots you are available for other attendees to request a meeting with you. You can also choose to not display all empty slots and make yourself unavailable all day.

How do I network with attendees? 
Click on the Attendees tile to view all OilComm attendees and then click on a profile that you’d like to connect with! Once you’re in their profile, you’ll be able to request a time to schedule a “face-to-face” meeting.

October 13-15, 2020

Digital Event

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