4 Breakthrough Technology Trends That Will be Transforming Oil and Gas Industry

FREMONT, CA: In 2020, the world is likely to experience the acceleration of testing and deployment of technologies by companies, with incorporation across energy segments, specifically oil or gas, and offshore renewables. Decarbonizing offshore operational emission will become the major focus for the oil and gas industry, shifting from the concept to deployment of electrification solutions, waste heat recovery, and other technologies.


The year 2019 witnessed a lot of cases of both state-driven cyberwarfare and commercial breach. Moving towards the internet of everything and unmanned remote operations, the competition is in between technologies to attack and defend physical and digital assets, and a lot of activity on the security front is anticipated.


Blockchain continues to maintain its position of being the most disruptive technology. Its adoption in the industrial domain, however, is proven to be slower than most expected. In 2020, it is anticipated that some pilots will probably concentrate on assets or people tracking, and their achievement will govern the rate of adoption for the remaining decade.

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October 13-15, 2020

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