Charting the Uncharted Waters… How & When Do We Restart Operations Appropriately?

We are in an environment we’ve not seen before, but it’s not going to last forever. In the next year we’ll need to restart E&P operations and climb out of the abyss. Of course, this raises important questions that we need to consider as we put operations schedules together for the big restart, including:

    -When will we get rolling?
    -How much will we be spending?
    -What do we do first?
    -Over what time-frame?
    -What resources will we need?
    -What will the results look like?

The only effective way to answer questions like this is to put together a set of schedule scenarios that enable us to examine the impact of different options.

In this webinar, Owen Plowman, Vice President of Actenum Corporation, will talk about some of the predictions for 2021 that we are hearing from the industry, and will show how rapid and accurate operations scenario modeling is critical to making the right decisions about what to do and when. Using Actenum’s AI-powered optimization software he will show how multiple scenarios, addressing different operational situations, may be compared and evaluated for an optimal path forward. Comparing strategic plans with an operational view—that makes analysis of scenario impact on KPIs easy—will increase operator confidence in plans for restarting more normal activity.

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October 13-15, 2020

Digital Event

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