Oil and Gas Companies Embrace Connected Technologies to Improve Asset Performance

SUMMARY: Upstream and midstream oil and gas companies continue to search for new approaches to save money.  As part of their larger digital transformation, many of the larger companies in this space have had good results by embracing Industrial IoT-enabled connected technologies to increase efficiencies and address other challenges.

Embracing Connected Technologies

These larger companies typically have huge technical staffs and project organizations, enabling them to pursue initiatives outside the day-to-day tasks of running their plants, production fields, pipelines, and other facilities.  Most smaller companies don’t maintain these large overhead organizations, but could still benefit from connected technologies if willing to partner with appropriate technology firms.

Things to consider:

  • Connected services can provide recognized benefits
  • The current economic climate demands innovative solutions to maintain operations
  • Technology firms, like mCloud, can help provide smaller organizations with access to these types of cost-saving benefits.  This also applies to  larger organizations without the appropriate skillsets

Read the full article at : https://www.arcweb.com/blog/oil-gas-companies-embrace-connected-technologies-improve-asset-performance

October 13-15, 2020

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