Data management: the key to the future of digitalisation in oil and gas

Oil and gas core business: hydrocarbons or tech?

There has been a growing trend for oil and gas companies to re-define their image as technology leaders. Some have always dabbled in this space and have done a pretty good job at it. However developing and deploying tech is really hard to do well. And there’s still a real tension between ‘business as usual’ IT organisations and the innovation/R&D groups popping up and anticipating being supported in an agile way of working. This may also explain why so many digital initiatives stall at PoC stage discussed in part one of this article.

In response to the current global crisis, we are seeing operators making dramatic decisions to shrink back to a decision-making core that makes maximum use of service contractors to execute their exploration and production requirements. That decision-making core needs the right information on which to base their decisions.

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October 13-15, 2020

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